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Voice: This is the real Ernie Mendoza

March 05, 2002

My letter is to answer Lee M. Whittle about who Ernie Mendoza is:

Ernie is a third-generation Brawley native who went up the ranks at the Imperial County Sheriff's Office. At present he is chief deputy at the Sheriff's Office.

So what if he once sued the county? Anybody would have done the same as he did. He is not the first or last that has sued the county.

So if you don't know all this, you either don't know how to read or only listen to hearsay, because all these facts appear in the Imperial Valley Press. All you have to do is read the newspaper.


As for his big house, if you work hard and save your money, you might be able to get your own big house.

In your letter you sound envious. Don't be! We all make our own beds.

My vote is for Ernie Mendoza.

Good luck, Ernie!



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