Voice: Perrone would be good choice, and she should know

March 05, 2002

People are ready for some new energy and new perspective. I believe Alex Perrone will contribute to those feelings.

People are uniting to make a great effort to make a difference. We all can make improvements in how we are governed if we become involved and contribute to our community.

Alex Perrone has a proven track record. Alex is doer. Alex was recently instrumental in the recruitment of a Los Angeles-based data center that will create over 400 jobs for the city of Calexico.

Alex Perrone will collaborate and work with our community's families, staff, agencies and businesses in our downtown district and surrounding areas.


Alex Perrone will promote a city image throughout Imperial County that the citizens of Calexico are proud of. He will insure that we all have a voice, a real voice. This will insure that as citizens we will have a more meaningful role in the direction of Calexico

Alex has high regard for the needs, respect and feelings of our community's concerns. Alex Perrone will advocate for changes and improvements for the benefit of everyone, not just the few and select.

Alex Perrone wants to establish a constructive relationship with the staff of the city of Calexico and their administrators and keep the people of the city of Calexico informed of what is going on in our City Hall.

Alex is my son and I am very proud he is running for Calexico City Council. He has integrity and loyalty and love for Calexico. He honors God. He is a good son, husband, father and friend.

He represents no special interest groups and owes no favors to anyone. He doesn't have to scratch someone's back. He doesn't have to place anyone on any of the commissions because he owes them a favor. All his decisions will be in the best interest of our city.

There will be diversity! He will integrate everyone and listen to everyone. Alex will take action! He is a doer! He is not going to quit; he is not going to walk out when important issues are being addressed. He is going to represent each and every one of us.

Alex is going to look for real growth in jobs, promote real economic growth and job creation. And not just by building houses, but jobs that are going to go with the progress of those homes built.

Look around Calexico and listen to what the citizens are saying. We need JOBS! We have no businesses being brought in. Are the new homes being built bringing jobs? Many of those people from Mexicali are buying those beautiful homes.

Alex is responsible for creating over 800 jobs for citizens of Imperial County. Alex is doer! Please remember today to vote for Alex Perrone for Calexico City Council. He will promote a city image throughout Imperial County that the citizens of Calexico will be proud of.



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