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Voice: Sheriff there to answer questions

March 07, 2002

In response to the recent letter by Carmen Araujo, it seems that she is upset that Sheriff Carter was not at the mentioned forums to answer some questions she had.

My first response is, if the questions are so important, why wait until a forum to ask them? Maybe you should ask them as they come up. My second response is, have you addressed these issues directly with the sheriff since the forums? My last response is, the address and phone number to the Sheriff's Office is in the phone book. Maybe you should call or visit to get an answer to your questions.

As far as the "Sheriff's Office internal personnel problems" that Mrs. Araujo makes reference to, consider the following: In the three years that Mr. Carter has been sheriff, over 111 new employees hired (mostly minorities and women), 44 people promoted (mostly minorities and women, including the first female chief deputy). Deputy pay increased by 13 to 33 percent. Correctional officer pay increased by 40 percent. Long overdue upgrades are now being done in the jail and other areas of the department.


A Sheriff's Activities League has been formed, and don't forget the Sheriffs' Association endorsement (two-thirds voted for Carter).

You claim that Sheriff Carter has eliminated resident deputy positions in the outlying areas. Why don't you stop by the office and look at the personnel chart? Last time I looked, those positions were still there, and it even shows who's in the academy right now to fill whatever vacancies there are. Be sure to compare the numbers to 3 years ago (22 new deputy positions added), and be sure you don't use that "new math" that Mr. Mendoza uses.

As far as the $500,000 grant for the sand dunes, since the money came from the State Off Road Commission, that's where the money has to be used. Now, as for your claim that "everything they say in the newspaper is just a front. There is nothing in black and white to prove what he (Carter) says is true." I suggest you do a little research on your own. You can't always rely on what you are told, even from "reliable" sources.



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