Thank You: Lulu Belle's contributors thanked

March 08, 2002

This letter is long overdue. Thank you letters should be easy but this one isn't. Some donors' names will not be included because toward the end of Edna Martin's life her mail was stolen. Also her credit; employees would use her charge accounts to purchase expensive items for themselves. Even her bank account was not safe. One employee drove her to the bank to make out a counter check for $8,000.

Edna was the founder and owner of Lulu Belle Memorial Animal Haven and it was her money that paid 95 percent of the expenses to support it. The cost was thousands of dollars every month. The reader will wonder why something wasn't done to protect her since she was 98 years old, more or less, when she died. (She didn't want a conservator.)

I gave the case to the District Attorney's Office but one can guess just how much help they were — female attorneys excluded. There is an "elder abuse" division that could have been used to help Edna but their efforts were just short of non-existent.


A lawsuit was filed against Gilbert Otero, our unopposed district attorney, in January 2000. The plaintiff's attorneys were not able to corral him for a deposition until August 2001. (Gilbert travels a lot.) The federal court case number is: 00CV0115 if anyone is interested.

The following are the names of those people who have contributed to Lulu Belle Memorial Animal Haven:

J. Richard and Cheryl Alford, James and Lila Anderson, Leon C. Armentrout, Kenneth and Isabel Bemis, Giovanni and Carolyn Bertussi, Robert W. Burdick Jr., Howard and Beverly Cady, Sheilah and Don Allen Campbell, Scott and Patricia Casillas, Virginia and Lyle Cotton, Claudine W. McCullough, Wauline Dannels, Estela Ines Delgado, Mike and Lauryl Driscoll, Kathryn A. Farmer, Joseph A. Garcia, Paul A. Garcia, Ron and Sandra Gaskin, Stanley and Beverly Harris, Jill Anne Heckman, Luis Hernandez, Heather D. Hofer, Harry and Lauris Hutton, Jacqueline M. Keltz, Betty Helen Leham, Gene and Patricia Martin, Terry Ray Martin, David R. Moila, Art and Lydia Montejano, Michael and Susan Moore, Cliff and Carol Mowbray, Albert and Phyllis Mulligan, Rodney and Margery Petersen, Dr. David and Barbara Price, Beatriz E. Rosette, Mark and Karen Riconosciuto, Javier and Esperanza Rubio, Jesus and Vanessa Santillanes, Nicole C. Schaeffer, Jean Hutchinson Schmitt, Alvin and Dixie Smith, Phyllis Spence, Lidia and Mike Swearingern, Chad and Amy Travis, Annika Wahman, Charles and Alexa Westmoreland, The Women's Community and Pasqual Zarate Jr.

To all of the good people who sent checks, from the bottom of our, animals too, hearts, thank you.

There are a couple of my friends who don't want their husbands to know how they are spending their money, so thank you too dear nameless friends.

Jo Shields, Helen Tang and Christine Tong were more than generous to Lulu Belle and to these wonderful ladies, chien shea wan shea. And thank you to you too, Jo.



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