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Thank You: Magnolia School barbecue kudos

March 10, 2002

Many people from all over Brawley eagerly look forward to Magnolia's annual barbecue. They enjoy the good food and fun. But without the help of many willing people it wouldn't have been such a success!

Magnolia School would like to say thank you to the Paul and Debbie Cameron, Ben and Patti Wilson, Greg and Tracy Braun and Larry and Tina Cox families for their generous donations of the barbecue meat.

Without the willing donations from Taylor Farms of Salinas, (Travis Cox's aunt) we wouldn't have had such scrumptious veggies at the barbecue

We would like to say thank you to Dora's Mexican Food for their wonderful donations of delicious rice. Also to Lori O'Connell for your wonderful rice donations.


A barbecue wouldn't be a barbecue without beans, as well as know. Thanks to Mrs. Aguilar, Santiago and Gutierrez, we had plenty of really good beans for every one to have.

If you attended the barbecue you would have noticed how good Mrs. Ana Gutierrez's salsa was. We would like to say thank you to her.

Many people noticed the sign in town advertising the barbecue, but few even wondered who put so much time into it. Well, Victory Outreach artists donated their time and talents for the cause. Thank you! Thank you Pat and Lori O'Connell for the banner sign that was on the highway. Thank you Mamers for the balloons and Mrs. O'Connell and crew for putting them up! Thank you Tim Allen for anchoring the banner and for putting it up and taking it down, too!

As we all know you have to cook your food before you eat it, and we must thank John Little, who came from San Diego to cook the meat and veggies. They were yummy!

The bingo and raffle are always a big hit at the barbecue, but you can't have a successful bingo bash without prizes. Thank you to all the prizes that the Magnolia families donated as well as the businesses in the Valley that supported us also.

For the raffle, as you know, there were wonderful prizes. But someone had to donate these prizes. Lots of thanks must go to the Slater and Cox families for the donated bike, the O'Connell family for the E-book computer, Computing Solutions for the scanner and Zendejas Hardware for the utility cart.

After the barbecue, when almost every one had gone home, some stayed to help clean up. We must give a big round of applause to Ralph Mesa, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their family, Mrs. Storm and Jillian Storm, Mrs. Cox, Thomas and Travis, too, and Lizeth Ocano and Lauren Huchinson.

Last but certainly not least, we are so grateful to all of you who bought tickets for the barbecue. We students benefit from all of your efforts.

Thank you all again.



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