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Voice: Hey Press! Got milk vetch?

March 10, 2002

Ms. Mitchell: I read your piece on the milk vetch. I'm a Valley resident and a member of the American Sand Association. I wanted to ask why you didn't include us in your story. Do you realize that more plants grow in the open areas than do now in the closed areas? Did you know that our all volunteer association put those closure signs up? And we constantly re-post them when the wind blows.

Did you also know that 99.99 percent of the time when someone rides in the closed area it's due to a couple of factors. 1. They don't know it's a closed area (new to Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area) 2. That the signs are down and they accidentally ride in there.

Did you also know that the ASA is educating the off-road community on the rules, riding areas, restrictions, law enforcement issues, SAFETY and any other issues concerning the ISDRA.


Did you bother to ask the Center for Biological Diversity if they were helping educate the off-road community?

Please be more informed next time you do a story about the milk vetch and ISDRA!

If the I.V. Press reported this story with half truths, what about all the other stories in your paper. Hhmmm?



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