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Thank You: Thanks for the kindness and the Nivea

March 10, 2002

It was on Valentine's Day when my neighbor and I were heading for the one-stop employment from Salton City to Brawley when I remembered the old Vons store had Nivea cream on sale and I had planned to purchase two jars with my last $10.

While my neighbor was in the bank, I walked the two blocks to Vons, took my blood pressure and huffed and puffed my way to the pharmacy, then the express line. It was here that I began to get "rattled" when the gentleman in front of me said to go ahead of him. I gave the clerk my Vons card, and while the clerk answered the phone, we had a nice chat about boats (his) and me being a former harbor master, etc.

Then I saw my two jugs of Nivea sliding down the ramp, caught them, put them in a sack and started to leave but my brain turned off. I pleaded to the clerk to forgive me but I could not remember paying. In the meantime all of the gentleman's groceries were sliding down the ramp, along with the clerk's dumbfounded look and the express line growing. Suddenly it was very quiet. Everything stopped.


Then the gentleman stepped to the end of the ramp, opened my bag and peered at the Nivea cream and I think he definitely said, "Young lady," (I will be 79 this year) "please continue on and let me give you these for Valentine's Day."

I could only say "amazing" and I kept saying "amazing." I wish I could say thank you to the gentleman who will surely be in my heart every Valentine's Day for the rest of my life.

I still have the $10, which is also amazing.


Salton City

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