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Thank You: Educational Historical Costume Ball benefit thanks

March 10, 2002

We would like to thank all of the local people and businesses that showed their generosity toward our Educational Historical Costume Ball benefit held Jan. 12 at the Pioneers' Museum and Cultural Center.

Our gold banner sponsor was Ted Riley of American Linen. Event sponsors were the Family 4-H Club citizenship group, Leanne Rutherford of Rainbow Travel, Brawley Inn, Sam Rae of Dominos' Pizza, Corina Mercado of Coca-Cola Co. and Milt McShan of Hour Photo.

Event supporters were Dickerson's Towing, Ed Rodriquez, the John Gaddis family and Victor Sanchez.

Thank you to those that donated items toward our silent auction: Westmorland 4-H alumni, Star Route 4-H food preservation group, Family 4-H Club, Brawley Women's Club, 8th Alabama, Pioneers' Museum members, Farm Bureau members, Sally Traylor, J&M Allen Pollinators and the Imperial Valley Living History Association.

Dance sponsors were: Bill and Evelyn Thornburg, Justin Riley, Trevor Smith, Elisha Smith, Amanda Smith, Matthew Smith, Jeanine Smith and The 8th Alabama. Special thanks to Mrs. Marjorie Monte for her contributions in so many ways.


The event turned out to be a successful event due to the efforts of the 2001 California Focus Team Melissa Allison, Ben Jones, Joshua Knights, Amanda Smith, Trevor Smith and Elainea Spivey. Special thanks to Mary Ann Smith, Star Route 4-H Club and Sally Traylor, Family 4-H Club for preparing us for California Focus, for leading us and guiding us as a team, for your constant support, for having faith in us and for listening to our ideas and allowing us to act on them. It has been a privilege working under your leadership.

Thank you to our parents, Leanna Allison, Marla Jones, Tanya Knights and Carol Smith, for working out so many of the details and taking care of situations that we couldn't have done ourselves. We couldn't have done it without you, you made it possible for us.

We were able to raise $2,000 for the Pioneers' Museum and Cultural Center through our Educational Historical Costume Ball benefit and we are grateful to the museum board members for accepting our proposed "plan of action" and for allowing us to act on it for the benefit of the museum and for the community.

It has been an exciting year and a half working toward our goals and we appreciate the confidence the community has given us toward our efforts.


Star Route 4-H Club of


2001 California Focus Delegate

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