Suspect nabbed in burglary of woman, 54

March 12, 2002|By DARREN SIMON, Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Police here are warning people to be cautious about leaving doors to their residences unlocked after a man broke into a house while the resident was home.

The case occurred at 9:16 a.m. Sunday as a 54-year-old woman was sitting in her living room reading a newspaper.

According to police Lt. Jim Neujahr, the woman's dog, who was next to her, started growling and looking toward the kitchen. The woman told her dog to be quiet, but when the dog would not stop, she decided to take a look in the kitchen.

That's when she found herself facing an intruder. He was wearing black gloves and had entered the house in the 700 block of Encinas Avenue through an unlocked door.

When she saw the man in her kitchen, the woman tried to escape from the house but the man blocked her way and took hold of her. At that point, Neujahr said, the man "tells her not to say anything or do anything."


However, the woman managed to break away from the intruder and crawl through a bedroom window. She then reached a neighbor's house, where she called 911.

The suspect fled the residence. In the 600 block of Fifth Street, about two blocks from where the burglary took place, police spotted a man walking who fit the description of the suspect.

After he was taken into custody, the woman identified him as the man who was in her house, according to Neujahr.

The man has been identified as Jesus Garcia, 29, of Mexicali, an undocumented immigrant.

Garcia remained in custody this morning on a count of burglary and false imprisonment and for being in the country illegally. He was being held without bail because of the federal charge.

Neujahr said people need to think about locking the doors of their homes. He said people may be comfortable but they have to be careful. He added a burglary can occur at any time and any location.

Neujahr warned neighbors to watch each others' homes for suspicious activity and to report such activity to police.

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