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Voice: Vote for those who run fairly, don't abuse the privilege

March 12, 2002

I have been called to the telephone to hear a recorded campaign promotion. This is the obnoxious telemarketer virus contaminating American elections.

I protest. I was bombarded with claims of reasons for voting for a candidate, with non-stop rhetoric. Efforts to ask questions were futile.

Such procedure violates the spirit of people's right to choose with information about the candidates. Only those with available funds can afford radio or TV ads. We have watched what money's powers have been doing to our elections. If we are going to retrieve any freedom, we have to stop yielding to the power of money.

Any promotion of a candidate must be accompanied by equal time for other candidates for the same position. We have experienced presidential elections with six qualified candidates ignored and publicity given only to Democrats and Republicans. We have experienced presidential elections controlled by money. Voters have become cynical and stayed away from voting. That only increases the power of big money to control our government.


I make clear that any message to me not accompanied by messages from other candidates and not in a form in which voters can question the speaker will result in my voting for any opposition candidate.

"Freedom of the press" means freedom of the citizens to have access to information by means of the press, including its current extension to electronic techniques. We are almost the only one of the developed nations not to have genuine public television — funded by all of us, through our shared government, to create radio and television of the people, by the people and for the people, conducted by professional journalists. This does not mean media controlled by commercial money-makers.

Vote! And vote for people who candidate fairly in the spirit of democracy.



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