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Voice: Assembly candidate gives thanks, warning about Garcia

March 13, 2002

Thank you to everyone! This has been a wonderful experience that I have had over the past few months.

I have met hundreds of new friends throughout Riverside and Imperial counties as well as Sacramento who I will continue to communicate with. The commitment and dedication of my volunteers and staff is something that I will never forget and always cherish.

This campaign began almost a year ago with the efforts of Gary Bosworth and myself to develop a redistricting plan that would favor a Democrat winning the 80th Assembly District.

We were successful in doing that, with the great assistance of Assemblyman John Longville and state Sen. Don Perata. They have laid the foundation for the ultimate success of our party in November. Thank you, Gary, John and Don.


Now is the time to focus on November. Jim Battin and Bonnie Garcia will be a formidable team opposing us, regardless of the registration edge Democrats have. It is going to take each and every one of us to get on board and help Joey Acuña in this battle.

It will not be easy or clean. Bonnie showed what she is made of in her attacks on the character of a fine public servant, Mayor John Peña, in the Republican Party. Let's not be naive to think Sen. Battin will allow her to stick to the issues in the general campaign.

I have committed to Joey that I will work with him to ensure a victory in November. Please join me in that commitment. All the residents of the Coachella, Imperial and Palo Verde valleys deserve that.

Thanks again for everything that you did to help me. I truly appreciate it.


Cathedral City

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