Brawley tables power resolution

March 13, 2002|By MARIO RENTERÍA

Staff Writer

BRAWLEY — The City Council here tabled a resolution that would have it join Imperial County in litigation against the state Lands Commission to challenge the environmental impact report for the North Baja Pipeline Project.

Imperial County Air Pollution Control Officer Stephen L. Birdsall sought the council's support Tuesday night for the litigation against the pipeline project.

Birdsall told the council the air-quality impact report on the power plants being built in Mexicali — plants that would be fueled by the pipeline — is severely inadequate and does not reflect the real damage to air quality that will be done by the two plants.


Birdsall told the council the county Board of Supervisors already authorized $175,000 for the litigation against the pipeline to temporarily halt the project.

The cities of El Centro and Holtville have already passed resolutions supporting litigation against the project. El Centro contributed no more than $20,000 for the litigation while Holtville didn't contribute any finances.

The problem, Birdsall said, is that InterGen, one of two companies building power plants in Mexicali, intends to operate units without California-compliant control devices to reduce nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide emissions.

Pipeline consultant Kathy Russeth told the council if it halts gas from being delivered by the pipeline, Mexican authorities will burn diesel or coal that will cause even more pollution for the Imperial and Mexicali valleys.

Russeth told the council filing a lawsuit against the project will not solve anything.

She asked the council if it would allow authorities with the pipeline project to give a presentation so the council can hear both sides of the issue.

The council agreed to table the resolution and let pipeline authorities give a presentation. A specific date was not set for the presentation.

City Manager Jerry Santillan told the council he will set up the meeting.

In other city business, the council approved a resolution that supports federal, state and local governments in the United States and Mexico formulating an agreement establishing common air-quality standards for the U.S./Mexico border corridor.

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