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Voice: Don't believe the stories of ‘Mentiritas'

March 14, 2002

I have known "Mentiritas" since 1967. I would take my sample ballots to him to help me vote. I liked his choices.

Then to my regret he had a taste of political handouts. It got so bad that even cockroach insecticide could not break him of the uncontrollable obsession for political money handouts.

At the beginning of 2001 I ran across him and he mentioned that he was going against Rudy Maldonado because Rudy had asked an Imperial Irrigation District employee to wipe the black grease off his hand before shaking it. He also mentioned that Rudy was pro-farmer. I mentioned you have been supporting Lloyd Allen for two terms and he is a farmer. Silence. I later learned Rudy had refused to give him a handout.

Later he mentioned, "Robert, I'm supporting your candidate Andy Horne."

I answered, "I no longer support Andy Horne. What made you change your mind?"


He answered, "He no longer is pro-farmer."

This month I showed him Andy's political donations. "Mentiritas" you lied. For a year you went around saying Andy is not with the farmers. He agreed he lies by saying, "He is with farmers." (To prevent assaults I'm neutral with all, farmers included. I'm merely making a point.)

I don't blame "Mentiritas" I blame those that still believe him.

Tony Gallegos at the Brawley American Citizens Club can tell you who "Mentiritas" is.


El Centro

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