Voice: Filner only cares about Filner, and Yniguez knows that

March 14, 2002

Mr. Rudy Yniguez's comments concerning Bob Filner were 100 percent correct, Mr. Buckles.

Mr. Yniguez's criticism of Bob Filner's support for veterans was predicated on his lack of support for the Second Amendment of the Constitution. What good are government handouts when veterans are stripped of their natural right to defend themselves and their families.

All of California saw Mr. Filner's TV ad stating that he wanted to deprive veterans like myself of our Second Amendment right. Veterans like Mr. Yniguez and myself aren't concerned about how many goodies politicians can dangle in front of voters, we are concerned about upholding and defending the Constitution.

In typical liberal fashion, you arrogantly dismissed this issue by writing "The bulk of the comments are so ridiculous they do not warrant consideration."


In other words, neither I nor Bob Filner have to justify why we want to leave our constituents (peasants) to the clemency of violent criminals.

Considering the fact that we had an al-Qaida terrorist operating within our special forces, I guess it should surpass me that we have a 30-year Army veteran that no longer values his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Perhaps when Mr. Filner speaks again of depriving Californians of their right to bear arms, you can summon the courage to pry your lips off of his jackboot and tell him "Molon Labe"



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