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Final election tally has Alatorre in third in Calexico council race

March 15, 2002|STAFF REPORT

CALEXICO — City Councilman Javier Alatorre picked up enough votes in the final tally of March 5 ballots to move past freelance consultant Lupita Rios into third place among 10 candidates for Calexico City Council.

Alatorre ended up with 1,141 votes, 15.09 percent. Rios was 19 behind with 1,122, of 14.84 percent.

First- and second-place finishers David Ouzan and Alex Perrone should be sworn onto the City Council on March 26, according to a City Hall staffer.

After the final tally, Ouzan finished with 1,561 votes, 20.65 percent and Perrone finished with 1,347, 17.82 percent.

Before the final election results were released, Rios had said whoever finished in third place should be appointed to fill the council seat that will become available when Mayor Victor Carrillo is sworn onto the county Board of Supervisors.

However, the City Council hasn't decided what it will do to fill the seat. It could hold a special election, add a council seat to November's ballot or appoint someone at the end of the year when Carrillo vacates his seat.


Mayor Pro Tem John Renison said the matter should be decided after this summer.

In 2000 Rios finished 16 votes behind Frank Montoya in a race for the City Council and Montoya was awarded the final council seat available.

After Rios paid for a recount that result was upheld.

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