Voice: Ramirez will not support Filner

March 16, 2002

I wish to thank all of those who voted for me and especially the Imperial County voters who gave me, as a first-time candidate, a striking 60.2 percent to 39.8 percent victory in the Imperial County part of the 51st congressional district over my Democratic primary opponent, Bob Filner.

However, my grass-roots campaign was not adequate to reach voters in the more populous San Diego County portion of the newly drawn 51st and Bob Filner, who represented much of that area in the old 50th, has won the Democratic Party nomination for the new 51st by a vote of 70 percent to 30 percent.

I ran for Congress because I wanted to offer voters a real choice in this election; not just a candidate selected, funded and supported by extremist special interest groups and party and union bosses.

We need real elections — not "selection" in which the winners are predetermined by party bosses and big money "Lords of the Campaign Lettuce." With such phony elections and candidates, many voters see little incentive to even vote.


Because of Bob Filner's extremist positions, record, endorsements and supporters in good conscience, I cannot, and will not, endorse him or vote for him.

Filner has extremist positions and a voting record to match them on big government taxing and spending. Filner has adopted an extremist, anti-parent, anti-family, anti-life position and consistently voted to implement it.

He has opposed the positions and convictions of a large part of constituents and he has been recognized and rewarded for it by contributions from the most extreme pro-abortion organizations such as National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.

Filner also has promoted an extremist pro-homosexual agenda and opposed the Proposition 22 Defense of Marriage initiative and has been rewarded with several campaign contributions from the most politically active homosexual organization, the so-called "human rights campaign."

Filner has even opposed the Boy Scouts of America who have struggled to avoid being forced to accept homosexual scout leaders. Filner has also transferred his surplus campaign funds to ultra-liberal candidates in other states, such as the lesbian-partnered Tammy Baldwin, who won a congressional election in Madison, Wis.



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