Our Opinion: Looking toward the future

March 16, 2002

The political races have ended and the final votes have been tallied. Close races have been decided; leaders have been chosen. Now it is time to rally around those elected to represent us — regardless of whether the person you voted for was triumphant.

While elections are important in our democratic process, they can be nasty. And while the recent election was relatively free of ugly campaigning, it is possible there are bad feelings lingering.

We are hopeful people in the Imperial Valley will put the elections behind them and give those elected a chance to prove they are qualified leaders. Whether those elected were incumbents or newcomers, they deserve a chance to show they can represent us fairly and with the best intentions of the Valley and its communities in mind.

These are people who made promises that they would do everything within their power to be strong public servants who will listen to the concerns of those they represent.


Now it is time to follow through with those promises. If they do not, we will have a chance in four years to vote them out of office. That, again, is the democratic process, where we the people have power over those who represent us.

Still, we have not completely done our job. While voting is important, we have to continue to take part in the governmental process, paying attention to the actions our leaders are taking and to the issues key to our lives in the Imperial Valley. Maybe that means attending government meetings when there are issues about which we are concerned; maybe it means contacting our leaders when we have concerns.

We should not expect our representatives to act in our best interests unless we let them know what we think our best interests are. That is how the democratic process thrives. We all need to make our voices heard on the issues about which we care.

To those elected, we will be watching closely and reporting on the actions they take.

In that way we can help the public stay informed on the issues that affect them. That is our job. Your jobs are to be the best public servants you can be.

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