Voice: Central Union High School's mock trial team: the facts

March 18, 2002

Dear Phil: First of all, I'll suggest to you that you find more valid information for your arguments.

If you presented that case in a courtroom, I hate to say it, but I'd be objecting that you were blatantly creating material facts.

Not ALL of the male mock trial participants were busted for possession of alcohol. In addition, the mock trial team was not disqualified. There were two mock trial teams present in the hotel room in which there was alcohol.

However, it was only Central's coach, Mr. Ron Nicholson, who was honorable enough to pull his team out of the final trial, to compete for the state championship, not to mention that when the team arrived home he pushed for the harshest punishments possible.


Furthermore, I can honestly tell you that because it was Central's mock trial team that committed those acts there is more reason for us not to do what others have done in the PAST.

Being on Central's mock trial team is fun, and we do like to joke, but every year when Mr. Nicholson explains to us the seriousness of what happened, there is joking going on.

And speaking of what others have done in the PAST, none of the people from that team is on Central's mock trial team this year. It offends me that I am being attacked for incidences I had nothing to with.

And really, how significant is it that the teams come from the same school? Have you persecuted any Germans lately for any crimes their ancestors might have committed? How about Russians? They might have some connection to some other person that may have been connected to a communist. The list goes on.

Maybe I am comparing oranges to apples. Maybe I am taking this attack on mock trial too seriously. Or maybe I realize that it is this same type of thinking in any of these examples, including Phil's. Give us a chance.


(Proud member of the 2001-2002 CUHS mock trial team)

El Centro

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