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Voice: Letter about Central mock trial team warms … something

March 18, 2002

Well. We surely appreciate the sincere best wishes of some screwball from Laughlin, Nev., who thought it "good" that Central won the mock trial competition.

After those warm and honeyed congratulations he got to the rotten core of his letter … a timely dredging of some old news … to wit, Central's problems with a mock trial team in l995.

Since our Mr. Minor obviously has a major in recent history, I know he wouldn't mind if his slur were corrected. No, Mr. Minor, not "ALL of the male participants were busted for possession …" You are simply wrong.

There were those members of the team (male included) who took a principled stand against the alcohol consumption. You owe those members an apology. You also neglected to mention that it was the school coaches and administration who "busted" those kids, and it was the faculty and the community that demanded they be punished. I am sure that was an oversight, sir.


Finally, Mr. Minor, since you live in Laughlin, Nev., You must be fabulously rich. You informed us that Central will certainly repeat their activities —not might, but will.

Well, sir, with your powers of prophecy you surely must be cleaning up on the slot machines in Laughlin. Your deep and obvious concern for today's youth warms our hearts … or warms somewhere on our anatomy.


El Centro

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