Voice: Kofford is a fool to not address that the van dams are horrible parents

March 18, 2002

Mr. Kofford's personal comments regarding the van Dam case are absurd.

First of all, the van Dams themselves should be questioned. This caring, poor, broken family he portrays obviously didn't care about their children due to the fact the mother was at a bar dancing the night before; who had brought "friends" home in the middle of the night; had left the doors to their home unlocked; and were obviously too "busy" to notice that "someone" had entered their home and taken their daughter.

I think their focus on moving the memorials, a family Website and everything else is just a ploy to take the spotlight off themselves. The paper said the father destroyed evidence by vacuuming the carpet. What would motivate a father to vacuum just after his child has been murdered? — "to celebrate her life above all else."

It was reported in an earlier newscast and then hushed up that the parents were swingers and the mother could have been out "shopping" for other swingers. She was also overheard saying she didn't want to "mess up her makeup by crying in front of the cameras."


Additionally, isn't it odd that she and her daughter had been to the killer's house just days before "selling Girl Scout cookies." Then the mother was dancing with the killer the same night the daughter was kidnapped.

It looks very suspicious to me in light of the fact he was into child pornography and they were "swingers."

So in the big scheme of things Mr. Kofford, I think these parents just might be getting away with being accessory to their own child's murder. So shut up about it!!!



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