Voice: District superintendent says shot at Central mock trial team unwarranted

March 19, 2002

Attention Mr. Phil Minor:

It isn't often that I really "get my feathers up," but you certainly pushed my button with your totally unwarranted, unjustified and demeaning accusation of the 2001-02 Central Union High School mock trial team. For you to make such a demeaning reference to this group of students is unconscionable. Do you know any of these team members? I can't imagine that you would consider comparing a group of students from the 1995-96 group to this team.

Some members of the mock trial team of 1995-96 made a serious mistake, so now all of our mock trial team members are definitely going to make the same mistake. There is always the remote possibility of a similar circumstance occurring; however, I would be willing to "bet the farm" that it will not. Are you willing to "bet the farm" that they will?

Instead of making the disparaging remarks, why not write to wish them well. They certainly deserve the credits and accolades for all the hard and dedicated work that both the team and Mr. Ron Nicholson have accomplished.


You must spend a great deal of time being a very cynical person for you to make the claim that, "it's only a matter of time that it happens again." Certainly those of us in education would "do away with all students, since a few do make serious mistakes" if we were to take your attitude toward our young people.

I would suggest Mr. Minor that you "GET A LIFE," and let us worry about seeing to it that the team does not "get busted for possession of alcohol or anything else."

The only thing I will grant you is your right to say it. And since these students and others like them are going to be our future, maybe you should reflect and apologize to them for basically believing that they will make the same mistake. Those of us who know these youngsters are spending our time cheering them on to be successful in the state competition. But win or lose, they are already CHAMPIONS in our eyes for the dedication and effort that they have made.

Mock trial team — "Go get ‘em."



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