Voice: Sheriff's office being run by the Three Stooges

March 20, 2002

I see the election for sheriff of Imperial County has come and gone. The voters almost got it right by almost electing Ernie Mendoza for sheriff.

Having Moe as sheriff, assisted by Curly and Larry, does not improve the image of the sheriff's department. What you have are three adults with the mentality of high school kids running the sheriff's department. This is all fun and games to them.

Would any of these three care to take a polygraph test? This would tell you who "is a liar and could not be trusted."

In Cuba the Russians have had a satellite dish for some time to eavesdrop on cellular phone calls on the East Coast, meaning, there are no secrets. Somebody knows.


Back to Harold Carter. It would also be interesting to know what part he had in getting El Centro Chief of Police Ralph Cordova out of office.

In the 1998 sheriff's election an advertisement in the Imperial Valley Press read "a liar and could not be trusted" referring to Ernie, given by Mike Scheewind, Chuck Jernigan and Mike Hackett.


(Former Imperial County

deputy sheriff)

Las Vegas

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