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Assessor's Office maps being made computer friendly

March 20, 2002|By LAURA MITCHELL

Staff Writer

Imperial County is spending $263,230 to convert county Assessor's Office maps to a computer-based geographic information system, a system of electronic maps that will eventually be available to multiple departments with the click of a computer's mouse.

The Board of Supervisors approved the conversion at its meeting Tuesday after intense questioning of Assessor Jose M. Rodriguez Jr.

Supervisor Joe Maruca asked for a total on how much the computer-based system would cost when other departments start to use it.

The Assessor's Office said costs for licensing, data management and making the maps available to other departments could reach about $680,000, but those costs don't need to be paid right away.


Layers of information such as crime data, property values, road work and utility information can be added to the base map.

Some of the $680,000 would go to licenses, $100,000 of it would go to data management and about $100,000 would be used to bring the county Planning and Building Department online, Rodriguez said.

He said the he already has the $263,230 for the base map conversion in his budget.

Maruca and Supervisor Wally Leimgruber said they were concerned with the way agenda items are proposed for approval.

Maruca said he wants to see a total cost for a project up-front. He said the supervisors shouldn't have to be like investigators trying to find the information.

The conversion contract was awarded to Nobel Systems, Inc., of San Bernardino.

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