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Voice: If Carter wants to be a public official, he needs to attend forums

March 20, 2002

My letter is to answer David De Leon's letter of March 7.

David, you missed the whole point of Carmen Araujo's letter. Her letter was about Chief Carter not showing up at public forums.

Different civic groups hold these forums so the public can come and meet the candidates and ask questions.

If Chief Carter doesn't care to show up for these forums, he shouldn't run for public office.

What is he afraid of? We speak English!

We are not going to ask questions in Spanish or any other foreign language.

He sent somebody else to read a form letter for him. Even I can do that!

David, I don't know who you are but I think you work at the Sheriff's Office.

It seems to me you are "kissing up" to somebody.

Don't do it!




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