Probe: March 21, 2002

March 21, 2002

QUESTION: I work at a high school in the Imperial Valley and the way the employees dress is ridiculous. The clerical staff and some teachers come to school in low-cut blouses and dresses. In the summer they wear short skirts and dresses. I know the employees' union protects them, but I wish they would look at themselves before they leave their houses in the morning.

I am also talking about men. Short shorts and shorts tight in the wrong places!

The ladies I am talking about work with students and they get "free" looks. Male staff members also look.

I am not a prude but we are supposed to be role models so let's be good role models.

I didn't mention my school but this happens at many schools, so if the shoe fits — or should I say if the blouse fits … — Still Stylish, No City

We say if the blouse (or the shorts) fit … don't look! If you do, don't let anybody catch you.


QUESTION: My cats have shredded my flag by jumping on the fence and flag. I bought a new flag but how do I dispose of my old flag? — Patriotic, El Centro

You can burn the flag or bury it but do it respectfully.

QUESTION: Do you think the city of El Centro spent millions of dollars wisely rebuilding downtown? Do you think the city should repaint the water tower? Do you think it was wise of El Centro to let Walgreens move right in front of Rite Aid? — Critic, El Centro

We're not one of those people who thinks the downtown area looks better. On the other hand, the state paid for the work with money earmarked for the project. It could not have been used for anything else. The city could either have rehabilitated downtown or refused the money. If El Centro is happy, we're happy. We live in Holtville.

We think the city should paint the tower if it needs painting. Since we haven't climbed up to take a look at it, we don't know. But water towers need painting from time to time.

As for Walgreens, it's not a city's job to prevent a drugstore (or a supermarket) from moving in to protect one that's already there. El Centro could have thrown obstacles in Walgreens' path but we don't think it could have prevented the store from coming in if it met the city's conditional-use permit conditions.

While Rite Aid may suffer from the competition, consumers may benefit if it results in lower prices. Both stores may do well because two big stores often attract more than twice as many customers to the area than one would attract.

Both also could go under. We will never know until both stores are operating.

FILLING OUT FORMS — We can help the man who had problems filling out his application because he can't write in English. Our bilingual volunteers will help individuals with applications for Social Security, welfare, Medi-Cal, renter's and homeowner's assistance and other things.

Our counselors are available to assist with family matters or problems with local agencies. We will even go with them. Sometimes it helps to have a third party intervene in a stalemated issue. Sometimes just having someone go with you makes a real difference in how an agency or another person treats you. — Helpers, El Centro

OK, if you need help filling out forms, call Universal Life Ministries at 312-5804 or stop by and talk at 227 N. 8th St.

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