Voice: Where is the fair treatment of women in local judicial system?

March 21, 2002

I have been monitoring the news for awhile looking at the treatment of women in our courts.

I want to give three examples and then ask one question.

First I sat in Superior Court and watched while a woman who had been abused by her husband was getting her divorce aided by WomanHaven. She was asked by the judge if she would like to not ask for child support for the three children the couple had, This to make it easier on this father of the three children, What of the mother?

Then I read in your newspaper about a man who raped a 13-year-old girl. For this he received nine months in jail. Then after he broke his parole recently, he received a year in a drug program. This because of who his people are.

Then I read your article about the Titsworth sentencing in the paper Friday. I do not condone this crime. but the quote from Deputy District Attorney Owen riled me. "Most mothers … would take a bullet for their daughter."


What about most fathers? The father should have gotten as much time as the mother if he was present when the crime was committed.

Now my question: who is running our courts and District Attorney's Office, the Taliban?



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