Voice: Claverie's article on archaeology unusually fine work

March 22, 2002

Thanks to Aaron Claverie for the most thorough piece I have ever read in a newspaper on the archaeology of the Colorado desert — a very important part of our cultural heritage.

So few people have any idea of the wealth of archaeological treasures and mysteries lying about and buried in our beautiful Imperial County.

Your article will open many eyes and maybe even alert some folks who may be inclined to start calling some agencies or politicians regarding the North Baja Pipeline.

At the least, you will have provoked some interest and thought in some folks who may have been totally oblivious until reading this piece.


My heart sings when I see that descriptive, detail-oriented journalism is alive and well at the Imperial Valley Press.

Think of all the national parks and monuments devoted to the archaeology of the Southwest.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could awaken interest in the rich cultural heritage of Imperial County and, after making arrangements to protect it, attract some tourists who would visit in order to learn about and reverentially appreciate the natural and cultural resources of Imperial County rather than hunting them down or running them over, as is done by many other visitors?

Thanks again for bringing this issue out in the open.


Conservation coordinator

Desert Protective Council

San Diego

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