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outdoors report — bird watching best game in town

March 22, 2002|By Al Kalin

Staff Columnist

Bird watching is at its peak.

Saturday, while touring the Brawley New River Wetlands Project, I spotted a very rare bluewing teal. I doubt if I have seen more than five of these birds in the Valley during my lifetime. The beautiful drake bluewing teal was in full plumage and swimming with a flock of cinnamon teal.

I also spotted an elusive sora lurking in the reeds. Tree swallows, barn swallows and cliff swallows wheeled overhead, feeding on the insects over the wetlands. All three of these swallows are extremely beautiful when viewed up close.

Bob Miller reports bronzed cowbirds at Cattle Call Park. He also spotted a young male vermilion flycatcher on the fence between the main parking lot and the Cattle Call arena.


Also in Brawley, Miller reported four Swainson's hawks and turkey vultures roosting in a tall eucalyptus tree on J Street just west of Rio Vista Avenue.

High winds churned up the Salton Sea and put a stop to all fishing. To make the situation worse, it snowed in the mountains west of us and cold winds lowered the water temperature. The good news is that there doesn't seem to be an algae bloom with all the winds.

If you would like to report your hunting or fishing success, Al Kalin can be reached on the Internet at

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