Voice: Adelphia workers trampling residents' property rights

March 24, 2002

Adelphia is upgrading their cable system. Apparently, in their eyes, the only "rights" that matter are their right of access.

A friend of mine was terrified when she noticed an unidentified male peeking in her window from her back yard. The yard is fenced and locked. When she confronted the person, he said he was from the cable company and he had a "right to be there."

My neighbor said three Mexican males knocked on her door, talked to her in Spanish (a language she does not understand), produced no identification of any sort and then proceeded to knock down a portion of the fence to her back yard and drive a truck in. She has dogs. The fence is needed to keep them confined. When these three individuals left, they did not repair the fence.

My front yard is currently marked with flags that identify the cable line. If they dig where they have marked, my sprinkler system will be destroyed. Who will be responsible?


The owners of a local trailer park refused to allow Adelphia to tear up their recently installed pavement so Adelphia recently cut off all cable access to their trailer park, leaving all the residents with a choice of buy a dish or have no TV.

I realize that this is a large project and Adelphia has crews working with deadlines but I am going to be very unhappy if my back yard is invaded and my dogs are let loose. I am going to be very unhappy if my sprinkler system needs replacing and repairing. I do not want strangers in my back yard — that is why I stalled a 6-foot fence with locked gates.

In my opinion, these workers need to have proper identification, be prepared to explain their presence in English as well as Spanish and be considerate of the property owner's concerns. A little courtesy would go a long way in a project of this sort.


El Centro

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