Calexico nearly

March 24, 2002

ready to unveil

identity manual,

including logos


Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Aaron Popejoy, creative director of the El Centro-based Conveyor Group, has almost completed the city of Calexico's identity manual.

The identity manual will guide city officials as they add the city's new logo to stationary, posters, banners and other city materials.


Popejoy said, "We are in the process of adding a logo to this family (of logos) for the Chamber of Commerce with the De Anza Hotel and have already completed the logo for the Mariachi Festival, which matches as well."

The Imperial Valley's annual Mariachi Festival will be staged in Calexico for the first time and this year will be May 13-18.

Regarding the city's new logo, Popejoy said, "We wanted to start locally and build a new identity for the city from within and inspire citizens to feel better about the image of their community. If locals aren't excited about growth and prosperity, how can we/they expect someone (like a large corporation) from the outside to be excited? Word of mouth is so important. The logo and its variations are optimized for many uses, including multi-media, printed materials, signage, vehicle graphics, banners for streetlights, imprinted products and much more."

Hildy Carrillo-Rivera, executive director of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber will print huge banners for the Mariachi Festival as it looks to spread the word.

Talking about the co-branding techniques he employed, Popejoy said, "Consistency and co-branding were a key factor when this project began in August of last year. Rather than promoting the border community separately, the city, the chamber and others in the community came together to make this project happen.

"Doing this will help their marketing dollar go further, and consistent branding will also be a result. We worked very closely with the city to make this project happen.

"The results speak for themselves. The logo and associated photo montage received a trial run as the city's trade show booth graphics at the Business Showcase and NAFTASHOW. The feedback received was used to finalize the logo for approval by the City Council."

Carrillo-Rivera said of the new logo, "I love it."

She said the Conveyer Group did a good job and she's looking forward to seeing what it comes up with for the chamber.

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