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Voice: Mendoza and Carter camps need to bury the hatchet

March 25, 2002

About Sheriff Harold Carter and Chief Deputy Ernie Mendoza:

Why are we still trying to damage credibilites? I don't understand anymore. The election is over, so why are we still shoveling dirt over our candidates?

Wasn't it enough damage done on both parties during their campaign? Last time I checked, God did not give anyone authority to judge, criticize and put anyone down. God knows what He is doing and who He has doing His work. God is in control. There are many things that we do not see but He does and in His time He takes care of things.

People can say what they want about Sheriff Carter and about Chief Mendoza, but the last words come from God. I know both gentlemen and I have respect for both. Sheriff Carter is an outstanding, God-fearing and fair man, has made a difference in the Sheriff's Office and the county.


Chief Mendoza, who tries hard in all he does, has done a lot for the Sheriff's Office also.

I don't care about their flaws. We all have flaws, so may the first person without them throw the first stone.

Many people choose not to recognize their accomplishments and experience, at least 60 years combined between both men, and instead try to tear them apart with judgment. Lets stop all of this and instead give them credit for all they have done.

By the way, those of you who will probably write and state I am kissing up, wrong, I do not try to please anyone but God.



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