Voice: Transfer will feed growth elsewhere, wreck Valley, Salton Sea

March 25, 2002

In reference to your opinion piece on the Salton Sea, it was excellent.

The amazing thing about all of this is that San Diego and Los Angeles want Imperial County to suffer so that they can replace water they have been taking for decades illegally from the Colorado River. They have overdrawn from the river and have come to depend on it.

Now, they have to give it up to other states who have equal rights to the Colorado River water and they are willing to stop agriculture, put Imperial County workers out of work and kill the Salton Sea, which will result in the largest ecological disaster in the history of California and probably the western United States.

Sure, why not? Anything to make it easier for L.A. and San Diego to continue building new homes, letting more people move in, requiring more water, so we can go through this again in the future somewhere else.


Where does it all stop? Right now. With the Salton Sea. We cannot let this huge and varied ecosystem die, and we cannot let agriculture in the Imperial Valley die, and we cannot put everyone in Imperial Valley out of work.

The water transfer will not and cannot work without mitigation for the Salton Sea and continuing agriculture. Just recently a surprising coalition of environmental groups and sportsmen's groups have joined forces to fight this transfer. You'll read more about it soon, but for now, don't give up hope. This transfer will not occur the way the water mongers think it will!

(I am the past director of the Inland Wetlands Coalition that fought geothermal drilling at Wister, the director of the Salton Sea Coordinating Council that got the Salton Sea Task Force to form, the author of "Fishing Salton Sea" and currently on the board of the Save Salton Sea II group. I am also the Northern California editor of Western Outdoor News.)



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