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Voice: Prelim hearing showed what kind of parents the van Dams are

March 26, 2002

In response to Ms. Fenter's opinion of my letter regarding the van Dams, I would like to say in Fenter's case "ignorance is bliss."

Obviously she is not staying up with the news and did not watch any of the preliminary hearing wherein issues were brought forth about the husband being in bed with another woman at the time the "Mrs." was at the bar; that the van Dams had both smoked marijuana before she left, plus the fact she had consumed additional drinks at the bar.

This is obviously what clouded her memory when asked specific questions about that night and she couldn't "remember."

I don't have to live in their house to know what was going on. They're telling it all.

Fenter stated she knows a lot of people who don't lock their doors at night. It's parents who are so caught up in their own indulgences, ignoring their responsibilities for the very safety of their children that end up with their children, missing, raped and murdered.


So to Ms. Fenter I say, open your eyes lady, you are absolutely correct it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt, which you did!



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