A Reader writes by Cindy Conant: Sad time reunites good friends

March 26, 2002

It's sad that such good friends came together after so many years to mourn and remember the death of one of us.

Rest in peace, Bill Edman. My heart goes out to you. From talking to your mother, you lived the life you wanted and were happy, and that's what life is about.

I was invited to the get-together for Bill. I knew that there would be people there I hadn't seen in a long time. I never imagined it would have been so great.

I was a little over an hour late due to things at the house. But if you know me, I'm always late. As I walked up to the house it was one lost friend after another.


You don't see these people for so many years. It's really funny how fast the years go by. Sometimes it's hard to recognize these friends you haven't seen in so long. The first was Mike Anderson. Jeez. The memories that flew there. … I hadn't seen him in I can't remember. Great to see you Mike.

The next was Bert Young, my old boyfriend from high school. We had such good times. The high school sweetheart. You never forget your high school sweetheart.

My wonderful Imperial Valley friends, the Edman family, Jeff, David, Steve and it wouldn't be right not to add to this Bill: the times we all spent together were the best. The memories of all of us together were the best.

It was funny, even Mrs. Edman, wonderful woman, didn't recognize me until I told her my name. As soon as she knew it was Cindy, no last name needed, we went back in time … and Mrs. Edman, I really hope that our talk about Bill and my brother Tom helped you.

It was great to be at your home. I am gonna mention all of you here. Don't be angry because I'm sending this to you all, my best friends in the whole world. Bert Young, David, Steve, Jeff and Bill Edman, Bill Washburn, Mike Palmer and a few missing, Diana Muse, Clay Markham, etc.

It's sad that a death of a wonderful person brought us all together after so many years, but Bill, I know you were there, too, sitting back just watching, having just as good a time as we all did. This is for you. Bill Edman, my good friend, rest in peace.

Oh, and by the way David, I won't mention the dog thing. Nobody needs to know how good my fingers tasted to her.

Just to let you all know, there is another Bill and Bert reunion party in the works as we speak. It won't be until June so that gives us all plenty of time to find our missing friends.

From the heart and desk of Cindy Conant.

>> Cindy Conant is a rural Imperial County area resident. She is employed at U.S. Gypsum and is the mother of two children.

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