Thanks: Sunflower Park Rotary Playground kudos

March 27, 2002

After almost four years of planning and fund raising, the El Centro Rotary Playground at Sunflower Park was dedicated this month. It was a pleasure to see the joy in the eyes of the children as they played on the equipment during the dedication.

The task of making the El Centro Rotary Playground a reality took the collective efforts of many people, most notably our El Centro Rotary Club members. I want to thank them for their generous contribution of almost $29,000 toward the cost of the project.

The creation of the playground was a team effort between the El Centro Rotary Club and El Centro Elementary School District. I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Dr. Michael Klentschy and the El Centro Elementary School District Board of Trustees for setting aside land for the playground at Sunflower Park. I would also like to thank Kim Dessert, John Moreno and Arnold Preciado, all from the school district, for the time they gave to help me with the construction of the playground.


I would also like to recognize and thank Kent Hems for designing the playground layout; Bill Hoffman of Ryerson for donating the material needed for the sidewalk; Alex Madriaga of Desert Storm Concrete for applying the finishing touches to our sidewalk and commemorative pavers, and Dave Leone and Imperial Valley Press for the beautiful stone monument that has been placed at the playground.

Of course the playground would not have been complete without accommodating the parents who will sit for hours watching their children play. So, I want to thank Ceasar Garcia for designing, constructing and installing the benches that have been placed around the perimeter of the playground. Ceasar completed this project as a requirement for his Eagle Scout. Congratulations, Ceasar, for receiving your Eagle Scout in February.

I invite all those with young children to enjoy the new El Centro Rotary Playground!



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