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March 29, 2002

Bird watching remains good

By Al Kalin

Staff Columnist

Bird watching is still excellent but some of the birds are moving on, according to Imperial Valley birding guide Bob Miller of Imperial.

Miller leads bird watching tours in the Valley. He can be reached at 355-1008 or on the Internet at

Earlier this week Miller led a group and spotted a Lewis' woodpecker along Austin Road in a pecan tree. For those Southenders who want to see many burrowing owls Miller suggests driving along Austin Road between old Highway 89 and Aten Road. Look for the owls along the west side of the road.

The mountain plover appear to have left but Miller says all species of swallows are arriving by the thousands. A white-throated swift was spotted by Miller's group. Three Bullock's orioles were seen as well as many kestrels on Erskine Road just north of Worthington Road.


Moving to the northeast end of the Valley, the group spotted both a male and female Lawrence's goldfinch along with a lone sage thrasher.

Miller and his group then moved south to Obsidian Butte where the members discovered a dozen Boneparte's gulls on the west side of the butte as well as three ruddy turnstones and seven gull-billed terns.

Corvina fishing is looking up along the dikes. Those who try every day between winds are picking up one or two large corvina casting soft plastic lures and Rat-L-Traps.

Frank Martinez and Ramon Casillas cast Rat-L-Traps and caught seven corvina from 9 to 12 pounds. Allen Martin landed three large corvina while casting next to Martinez and Casillas. Larry Hill reported catching a 10-pounder while casting an orange and black Dorky Shad.

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