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PROBE, March 29, 2002—— I agree that a 1999 Tacoma pickup is not important in the great scheme of things. What was and is important is that some wonderful kids (and staff) decided to come forward with information that helped.

March 29, 2002

El Centro police Officer Andrew McFadden said if it had not been for the Central students and employees, the truck would never have been found. I appreciate their efforts. For every student who violates the law, there are thousands who just go to school, do their jobs and live their lives and make us proud. — Grateful Teacher, Imperial

We agree most kids are decent humans despite the slander that paints them as hoodlums. Unfortunately, or fortunately, most people, young and old, will live up to our expectations.

QUESTION: Is it true that recently a three-legged dog wandered into an Ocotillo saloon and said, "I'm looking for the no good varmint that shot my paw?" — Animal Lover, Ocotillo

No. Dogs can't talk. But we have a better dog story.

A burglar broke into a house, shining his flashlight around the rooms as he scooped up jewelry and other valuables, tossing them into a plastic bag. Out of the darkness, a voice proclaimed, "Jesus is watching you."


The burglar stopped and killed the light. "It's only my imagination," he said, turned on the light again and went back to filling his bag.

Again the voice said, "Jesus is watching you."

"I got to get out of here," he said, and turned on the light and went back to work loading loot into the sack.

"Jesus is watching you," said the voice.

The burglar swept the room with the light beam until it fell on a bird on a perch. "What's your name?" demanded the burglar?

"Moses," said the bird.

"What idiot would name a bird Moses?" asked the burglar.

"The same idiot who named the rottweiler Jesus," said the bird.

Speaking of rottweilers….

NICE DOGGY … To the man who wrote about the three rottweilers in the police officer's yard, I want to thank him for telling everybody where the officer lives. Doesn't he know he put the officer and his family at risk? The police officer knows the consequences if his dogs cause harm to anybody.

All dog owners are responsible for their dogs' action, whether it's a poodle, a Chihuahua or a rottweiler. — Another Cop, El Centro

There's no doubt about it, a Chihuahua will bite you but you'll survive it without serious damage. We're not so sure you'll survive if you tangle with three big rottweilers.

QUESTION: We draw welfare. Since we never have much money, I have always made Easter baskets for my children, a baby, a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old. This year it was a choice of buying the materials or paying the electric bill. I paid the electric bill.

Easter falls on the last day of the month. I know you help other people, but do you think you could help us get baskets for our children. — Depressed Mom, El Centro

You made a good choice when you paid the electric bill instead of buying the materials for the baskets. Baskets are nice but lights and warmth are essential.

Most welfare families will be facing a bleak Easter weekend. Now would be a good time to spread around some candy eggs. If you don't know any struggling young families, give this mom a call at 353-9020.

After all, what's Easter without a basket. Happy holiday!

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