Salton Sea curriculum program approved

March 29, 2002|STAFF REPORT

The Salton Sea Authority board Thursday approved a contact with the University of Redlands to develop an environmental education curriculum focused on the Salton Sea.

"This program will provide an exciting, informative and innovative educational experience that will allow children to better appreciate the sea and its relationship to the local environment," said authority board president Roy Wilson, a member of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

The curriculum will be designed for grades three through high school.

"Once a program gets established for students in the Imperial and Coachella valleys, it may be extended to children in lower grade levels and possibly to students who live further from the sea," Wilson said.

The curriculum is expected to make extensive use of innovative technologies such as geographic information systems.

The Redlands proposal is a partnership between faculty in the university's school of education and the Salton Sea Database Program, which was developed to support restoration efforts and is managed by the University of Redlands Institute.


"Students who live in the watershed area of the Salton Sea may have little knowledge or understanding of the rich and complex ecosystem that is literally in their back yards," said Carol Franklin, who will head the project on behalf of the university.

"This program will not only include a way to address content curriculum acquiring skills and knowledge, but it also will provide them an opportunity to understand the work in agribusiness, land-use management and information-management technology," she added.

All the curriculum will be linked to California K-12 academic content standards as well as needs of individual school districts in the region.

"We are extremely pleased to get this effort launched," said Salton Sea Authority Executive Director Tom Kirk. "This has been one of the major priorities of our outreach effort-to tap into the wealth of educational opportunity provided by the Salton Sea."

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