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Voice: Paul Rodriguez Boulevard a great idea

he never forgot his roots here

March 31, 2002

Why Paul Rodriguez Boulevard? We ask, "Why Paul?" He is from the Valley, or at least grew up here until age 9. Then his family received papers to work in L.A.

Sounds typical to me. We hear that story every day. Then something special happens and by talent and luck, this little Mexican boy hits the big time.

That is enough to inspire anyone. What is even more inspiring is that he never forgot where he came from and what it was like living here in the Valley and he comes back and he helps out. Now that is inspiring!

What is the value of inspiration? Can it Affect us? Can it change us? What can it do for us?

Millions are spent every day on projects that leave little to no improvement. What effect will dedicating a street bring? The cost is minimal but I believe the impact can be great!


I have seen the look on people's faces when the idea is mentioned. At first it is confusion, then recognition and an immediate smile. That's it!

It's just that simple yet it can't be fully explained in words. It's just a feeling you get when you know that something is just right.


La Fonda/La Gente Car Club

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