Voice: Fight the good fight for our water because underdogs can win

April 01, 2002

This is a factual letter. If anyone doubts this letter they are welcome to check it out.

Los Angeles County raped the Owens Valley of water, leaving a dry lake bed. The dust was so bad the people sued Los Angeles County and now Los Angeles County is piping water to Owens Valley to try to hold down the dust.

Are we in the Imperial Valley going to let San Diego County do to us what Los Angeles did to Owens Valley? Not just us but also part of Riverside County near the sea, our Salton Sea.

Please wake up or this disaster is going to happen to us. (Fight).

Any dikes or dams to lower the level of the sea will make a disaster of the two valleys, both Imperial Valley and Coachella Valley, as will any other plan to lower the sea.


Properties will fall in value. Many people have invested in nice homes. The air we breathe will be polluted big time.

We must fight to keep our water. Believe me, time is running out. People in Owens Valley have had their lives turned into a living hell.

Please believe this letter. If you don't you would do well to check it out. Fight. David fought Goliath and won.


Salton City

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