Voice: Packing plant is good for county

April 02, 2002

Congratulations to the investors of the Brawley meat plant. This is what the Valley needs.

I can't believe the people around the packing plant complaining about the smell from it. Why didn't you complain before they built the plant, not after it was completed?

I guess you thought packing plants don't smell. They pay better wages than the field-burning farmers do for their stoop labor. We need more jobs like this that pay $8 or $9 an hour with good working conditions.

The Valley will grow if we get away from the minimum-wage jobs that are seasonal. With higher-paid jobs and skilled jobs the education level will be raised.


The farmers have held back the Valley too long. It is time to get new industries in the Valley. The farmers didn't build this valley, the guest workers (Mexicans) did, for without them who would harvest their crops.

Ask a farmer if he ever did any stoop labor in his life. Bet you don't get many yesses. When lettuce was $50 a box, do you think the farmer passed any of that on to the field workers in wages or benefits?

We have two very good colleges here but when the people graduate there are no jobs, so they leave the Valley.

Good to have you back, Wally, for the supervisor for District 5. In less than a month you have made it possible for a Holtville firm to get some of the county's work. Maybe you can lead some of the industries toward Holtville. We are in dire need of good jobs. The farmers are holding back Holtville because of their low-paying, back-breaking, seasonal jobs. Let's bring Holtville back like it was in the 50s

Viva La Raza.



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