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Thanks: Pioneers hospital emergency room staffed with a fine team

April 03, 2002

When people visit our Glamis sand dunes and maim and kill one another in the name of recreation, one of their stops before returning home is often the emergency room at Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley.

There they are seen by the emergency room medical staff and evaluated by the doctors through a system known as "triage." The most seriously injured or critical patients are given immediate medical attention, and if necessary, referred to a specialist or transported "over the hill" to San Diego.

The emergency room doctors must oversee the referral and transport of such patients. If possible they may be admitted to Pioneers, where they are attended by an excellent nursing staff.

Doctors Michael Berger, Young Lee and Kevin Daly are among these dedicated doctors.

They are ably assisted by the emergency room nursing staff, Betty, Sherry, Jackie and Daniel among them. The nurses are caring, courteous and competent professionals who may calm a frightened child or reassure a worried parent that the best possible medical care is being


provided. They may just be "doing their jobs," but it's nice to know that we have them at Pioneers. ER nursing requires specialized training, too, and the nurses and doctors work long, hard, hours to give us their best. This letter is to let them know that they are very much appreciated.

Pioneers Memorial Hospital also has the latest in diagnostic equipment and technicians. People no longer need to travel to El Centro or San Diego for MRIs, bone-density scans and other tests. Many people are unable to make the long trip, and Pioneers Memorial is a viable option for them.

All departments run smoothly under the watchful eye of Chief of Staff Dr. Travis Calvin. When asked what his duties were, he said he "puts out fires." In addition to his duties as a neurosurgeon, as chief of staff Dr. Calvin must attend all board meetings, oversee the medical staff, administration, finance and generally make sure everything is in order. He's also a very nice person with a pleasant attitude.

To everyone at Pioneers Memorial Hospital, thank you for being here.



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