PROBE: April 4, 2002

April 04, 2002

QUESTION: I am from El Centro and my friends are from Brawley. They seem to think Brawley High won the Bell Game and kept the Victory Bell during most of the 1980s and '90s. I went to Central from 1987 to 1991. If I remember right, Central had the bell then.

The Brawleyites believe the bell was a Wildcat trophy. Can you help us settle this once and for all? Who had the bell? I want some correct information so I can say, "Read it and weep!" — Blue Blood, El Centro

Why are we doing this in April? Football is months away. But read it and weep. Brawley had the bell during most of the 1990s and much of the 1980s.

During much of the almost 60-year Bell Game rivalry, Brawley kept the upper hand over Central. Brawley took control early when it won the first Bell Game in 1944.


Although Central always held the edge in enrollment, and often beat the North County school in league competition, Brawley could usually pull up something extra for the Bell Game.

During Bob Farrell's 16-year career as Brawley head varsity football coach, his Wildcats won the Bell Game 13 times.

Although we pored through old game stories using our computer data retrieval system, we were unable to compile a complete record of the Bell Game before we ran out of time. We're hoping a Bell Game aficionado with a more complete record in his scrapbook will help us fully answer your question.

ON ALPHA DOGS — We have taken submissive omega dogs into our caves for millennia. We breed them and make them our best friend. When an aggressive alpha dog comes up, we destroy it. Pit bulls have alpha aggression bred back into the line. If you tame a tiger, it's still wild. It's the same with a pit bull. It is tame but it's still a wild animal. — Dog Lover, El Centro

Your subject brings to mind the aphorism that fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. When we had an Australian shepherd, she was a natural born herder. She even herded the chickens. It was in her genes.

Our new dog is a ferocious alpha beast who takes his watchdog role seriously. The difference between our alpha dog and a pit bull is that our 9-pound monster has the aggressive nature but not the physical power to kill.

The jaws of a pit bull can exert enough power to break a leg bone if it clamps down on it. It has the strength to take down a full grown man or an alpha bull.

A tiger may be as "tame" as a house cat. The difference is an enraged (or just hungry) house cat can and will slay a mouse or scratch and bite you. It can't and won't slay you. You wouldn't want to make a tiger mad at you.

QUESTION: I would like more information regarding student loans and the information that PROBE provided in the March 15 column. I am a law enforcement officer and enrolled at a university. — Book Learner, Calexico

The subject of the student loan item was the occupations one could enter that would cancel out the loans. We received our information from Jan Magno at the Imperial Valley College financial aid office.

You can reach Magno at 352-8320 by asking for financial aid. You can probably get the information from anybody who answers the phone. We talked to Magno because some clerical help are not comfortable talking to the press.

Since you are enrolled in a university, you should be able to get the same information from your own financial aid office.

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