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Voice: Find solutions by asking God

April 04, 2002

Jerry Godsey was right on in his comments on the sacrifice Jesus made for us and His attempts to teach us and point us in the right direction.

I have a little something to add to his comments:

Having worked in the zoological field for several years, I had the opportunity to study the behavior of different species of birds and animals. One thing I learned from the species I studied is that they tend to seek out the light.

Back in the ‘70s, I heard a story of one of the caretakers of the great Tabernacle Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. He entered the hall one afternoon and found a small bird flying frantically throughout. Having surveyed the situation, he could see no logical way to capture the bird to take it outside … so he took his dilemma to the Lord.

He asked very simply for the knowledge to help the little bird to find its way out of the hall. Upon opening his eyes it hit him … he walked around the tabernacle closing all the doors that were open and drawing the curtains over all the windows, making the tabernacle as dark as possible. He then walked to the doors in the back of the hall and opened one.


The light from outside spilled through the doorway and the small bird flew with great speed to the door and outside to its freedom.

A simple solution.

Oftentimes we get so bogged down with the complexities of life that we fail to see the simple solutions the Lord has given us to our problems. It helps to be reminded, as was the case with the bird, when a window closes a door is always opened. It's up to us, however, to be in tune with the Spirit so we can find that open door.



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