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Voice: Masks can't cover two faces

April 04, 2002

"The killer awoke before dawn. He put his boots on," The Doors' Jim Morrison sings, "He took a face from the ancient gallery and he walked on down the hall."

Known as the Lizard King by Doors fans, Morrison in his poetry above speaks about the Greek play "Oedipus Rex" and the use of masks by actors to convey emotion and reflect facts of life ruled by mythology. Masked performers were forced to gesture and shout in order to transmit the playwright's message to the audience.

No man can serve two masters. Daniel Santillan, his cohort at Southwest Voter Registration Project and its proponents wear masks with two faces by claiming "neutrality" in one sentence of "Voice of the People," and in the same letter pray for intercession by "a Mexican candidate of the recent election for which this voter registration drive was meant to benefit." This is a transparent demonstration of conflict of interest so obvious it undermines neutrality and fairness requisite to democracy.


Is such conduct legal? Maybe in México!

The student body president at San Diego State University's Imperial Valley campus was unmasked for her deliberate misrepresentation of herself as being an exponent of democracy through fair play during her guest speaking to public school students. Her stated purpose was a voter registration "outreach."

The classroom is the teacher's workplace with an expectation of workplace safety for teacher and enrolled pupils. Receiving permission to address teens in public school about a fair and level issue at the core of democracy: voting, then changing the goal of the game to advocacy is not protected speech; it is political pandering and indoctrination subject to a forced absquatulation from the classroom.

The quest of this voter "outreach" is cultural polarization and manipulation of newly minted voters with the stated goal of "more bilingual classes" and a go to full throttle-up "for La Raza" candidates on the ballot. One may visit the Southwest Voter Registration Project Website and view the prominently displayed Mexican American Political Association's logo and hyperlink.

Putative specialist in "team building, parental school involvement and teacher education" Francisco Hernandez wrote a La Raza bootlicker's 900-word Fidel Castro-like diatribe published recently in this newspaper. Bragging on the Southwest Voter Registration Project, Hernandez claims "efforts of everyone in the project are successful."

Voters didn't take the stink-bait offered by La Raza candidates and the voter registration project. Last month's election results of the races for Calexico City Council, sheriff, county supervisors and Imperial Irrigation District quash Hernandez's deluded position. "Voter outreach" as Oedipus?

Had he lived to see it, the Lizard King might find a place among his herpetological references for the stupidity of Hernandez, MAPA, Santillan and the voter registration fake from college who "walked on down the hall" at Southwest High School.


El Centro

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