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Outdoors Report — Fishing, weather both warming up

April 05, 2002|By AL KALIN

Staff Columnist

Corvina fishing continues to improve along the dikes near Lack Road as the weather warms up.

State Game Warden Carol Sassie reported four fishermen, casting from kayaks off the end of Lack Road did very well last Saturday morning.

For the past few weeks the slow bite has been happening early in the morning and only lasting for a few hours, but this week fish are being caught all day.

The top lure continues to be chrome/blue back Rat-L-Traps and soft plastic swimbaits, but a few corvina have been taken on Mogambo grubs. Mudsuckers will probably be in short supply for the next few weeks.


Fishermen wanting to use live bait can get tilapia and goldfish from Zendejas True Value Hardware in Calipatria.

Jim Chakarun, manager of the state Wister Unit north of Niland, reported at the Imperial County Fish and Game Commission's monthly meeting Tuesday that state and federal agencies are attempting to create a special snow and Ross goose hunting zone for our Valley to reduce the amount of crop depredation occurring for many years.

If implemented, the season for the new zone would be moved forward one month. That should allow enough hunting pressure to keep the geese off the fields surrounding the refuges.

At the Brawley and Imperial wetlands projects, Virginia rails and common yellow throats have been active. The symphony of bird noises is something to hear as yellow-headed blackbirds, moore hens and marsh wrens take center stage with their singing.

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