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Voice: Carter and Press editor working together behind the scenes?

April 06, 2002

Mr. Carter! Mr. Carter! Lying again? Harold Carter, do you know that lies, excuses and sewers go one on one. They all stink.

Not too long ago, during several of the campaign forums, Mr. Mendoza mentioned several times that the Sheriff's Office was operating with a deficit and every time you called him a liar. Now all of a sudden there is a deficit! Who is the liar here?

Mr. Carter, you are like a little kid; you have an excuse for everything. You are saying that part of the deficit is because of several people retiring. I don't think so. The majority of these people retired recently. Also, the retirement fund is self-funded. Therefore, there is no way that this deficit was created by these 11 people.

As a matter of fact, I think the deficit is in part because you deleted several patrol and investigative positions in order to accommodate your previous campaign supporters with civilian jobs. Therefore, officers have had to work overtime in order to cover those deleted positions.


Also, you're saying that part of the reason for the $2.2 million deficit in the jail is because of the loss of the federal inmates; for the first time you're right. You lost that contract after the feds performed an audit and because of the lack of security in the jail.

As for the county Auditor's Office, shame on you. You waited until the election was over to come up with this information. This is something that the citizens of Imperial County needed to now before March 5.

And you, Mr. I.V. Press Editor, first you congratulate the opponent candidate for sheriff for running a clean campaign and now you're saying that it was an ugly one? Please! Don't flip flop.

Mr. Editor, you're right when you say that Mr. Carter could not control the county officials during the retirement package negotiations. You see, Mr. Carter was never there to support any of his officers. Do you think he should have been there?

Honestly, I think that the sheriff is feeding the editor of this paper all this information. Again, appearance versus morals. Mr. Editor, are you his puppet or is it the "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" thing?

By the way, we too hope that he will budget with a little more restraint this year. Mr. Carter ran his second campaign this year. Is Mr. Carter going to promote personnel to higher positions that will create a chain reaction just to accommodate his campaign supporters again?

What's next?


El Centro

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