Voice: Singing the praises of distance education

April 09, 2002

With state budget cuts affecting child care and other local programs at our colleges, I wanted to let a person know that higher education is still available to everyone who wishes to seek it.

Distance education programs have come a long way in recent years, especially with the coming of the Internet. Courses that primarily can be taught straight out of a textbook can be easily learned via distance education.

Advantages of distance education are that it allows you the freedom to work at your own speed and in a timetable that is convenient for you. Many programs give you extended periods of time to complete your curriculum and you do not have to take a specified number of credit hours per semester.

You can take one class at a time that enables you to learn a great deal more and retain what you have learned and you can also customize your curriculum to suit your own needs. The time saved in travel and gasoline costs alone, for myself, were a tremendous incentive and with gasoline prices sure to soar this is something to consider, as we may be asked to cut back and conserve our natural oil resources.


If you have children (or work during the day/evening) you will love distance education. Studies have shown that day-care costs have rocketed over the years and that suitable, responsible child care may be somewhat limited. Studies have also shown that childhood illness increases tremendously with exposure to other children. This additional medical cost can be staggering.

This is really a wonderful time for mothers, who can still obtain their college degree/degrees, maintain their pristine households, work at a job and raise their children. Distance education can make what seemed to many to be impossible … possible.

The different means of working on distance education programs vary as well as the costs of the courses or degree programs. Individual courses or complete degree programs are now offered by many of the major universities and are comparable to the actual cost of the course at its per credit hour price; but the benefits of not having to travel or live away from home in costly housing saves a student a great deal of money.

I have also found the support from my individual distance education instructors to be far superior to local educators. If I have any lengthy questions or unclear items I wish to discuss, even at 2 a.m., a simple email can be sent and has, to date, been answered thoroughly and promptly.

To recap, if you have children at home, lack transportation, feel like you are too old to go back to college, are tired of nonexistent/full/dull/limited classes, want to move at a faster or more in-depth pace, or want to control your own educational schedule, check out distance education. Access Yahoo "Education" for a list of options or another good site selection is

I would like to give a warm and heartfelt thank you to my proctor exam site, Brawley Public Library, and those very lovely ladies who work there. My latest exam has been graded, Marjo, and I passed with flying colors. Thank you!


Salton City

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