Voice: Having drug materials around your kids is cruelty, detective says

April 10, 2002

Mr. Harkus,

I read your opinion in the Imperial Valley Press "Voice of the People" on April 4. You were responding to a charge of child cruelty filed by the Imperial County Sheriff's Office against a man who had drug paraphernalia in his vehicle and you thought this charge was something "the deputy pulled out of his head."

I beg to differ with you, as I am a detective working a narcotics assignment and have seen the worst. A person who has the audacity to carry narcotics paraphernalia around and in the presence of a child should be charged with child cruelty. Paraphernalia can consist of needles or smoking pipes as well as cooking kits for narcotics, all of which could be deadly if ingested by a child.

Having a child, I know how children explore and like to "get into things" they are not supposed to.

The charge was appropriate and I applaud the deputy who did this. Hopefully this will send a message to drug users that this type of activity is not tolerated in the community.


The simple solution to your concerns would be simply not to use drugs. Imagine that; if a person doesn't use drugs and the people they associate with don't, either, then their child won't be in harm's way.

Enough is enough with drug abuse. It ruins many lives, especially the innocent ones.



Laguna Beach Police Department

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