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Local students selected to National Honor Roll

April 10, 2002|STAFF REPORT

WASHINGTON — This year 64 students from the Imperial Valley qualified for induction into the National Honor Roll.

The National Honor Roll recognizes high school students for exceptional academic and extracurricular success. Inductees have attained a level of achievement shared by only about 4.5 percent of high school students.

"From these students will come many of tomorrow's leaders. Honoring their achievements inspires stronger performance and leadership," said Lynn Romeo, publisher of the National Honor Roll. "We recognize these young people have worked hard to attain academic success and are proud to recognize them through inclusion in National Honor Roll."

National Honor Roll students receive an application for a $1,000 community contributions scholarship. Scholarships are awarded each year to high-achieving students who made an exraordinary contribution to their community and/or school.


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National Honor Roll



Reyna Acosta, April Astorga, Blanca Buelna, Miriam Campos, Carlos Ibarra, Iliana Melendez, Danittza Regla


Andrea Aguirre, Chance Downs, Joshua Drye, Carmen Enriquez, Dillon Foster, Melissa Gaston, Josue Jimenez, Brenden Lopez, Alvaro Madrid, Bryan Seeger, Jocelyn Taylor, David Thomas

El Centro

Miguel Arballo, Anthony Arevalo, Hector Bravo, Sean Daugherty, Shantee Dhillon, Veronica Godoy, Mariana Martinez, Patty Myung, Julio Saldana, Alina Sanchez


Mayra Arizaga, Danielle Banke, Adrianna Cardenas, Deidre DuBose, Brian Emanuelli, Ruby Gonzalez, Justin Hannon, Viviana Huang, Steffanie Jarrell, Alissa Koon, Jack Koon, Nijhal Martinez, Brooke Pace, Max S. Reyes, Ivette Saldana, Erica Smith, Jocelyn Storm, Marcos Torres, Aristeo Valdez, Yao Wu


Jessica Bellenfant, Matthew Lavrenzana


Sylvia Gonzales, Mykell Johnston, Miguel Ruiz, Katherine Strahm, Michelle Strahm


Juan Rodriguez

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